Saturday, October 17, 2009

Watch what you watch

I have found when I don't feel well that what I watch on TV has much more impact on me than it does at other times. When I down and dragging I like to watch kids movies. They tend to be cute, colorful and uplifting. Last night when I just didn't feel up to anything but laying on the couch and watching TV; I watched Nanny McPhee. Tom had recorded it for me a couple of nights earlier. (Thank you Tom) I went to bed somewhat cheered and not at all drained like drama or non-stop action movies or shows can do to you. Why do you think Johnny Carson and Jay Leno were so popular at night? People like to go to bed relaxed and with a smile not tense from some action sequence. Next time you go to purchase a video think about getting something for those times when you're down and dragging and get something cute, colorful, and uplifting; you'll be glad you have it around.

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