Thursday, October 8, 2009

The dog ate my homework

This is Hiedi.(Sorry could not get picture to upload, I'll try for the picture tomorrow). She was my dog when I was in elementary school and she really did eat my homework and the English book it was in and the bookbag they were in and my glasses that were also in the bookbag. I had plenty of proof that the dog did indeed eat my homework, but that did not change the fact that I didn't have my homework the next day. I did get off a little easier than if I hadn't done it at all. No nose on the ring on the chalkboard (can you imagine that these days). I still had to make up the homework, pay for the book, go without a bookbag and go without glasses till they could be replaced (no one hour back then)and endure my parents rath at having to replace the glasses. It was not the easy way of getting out of my homework in fact it would have been much less painful if I had just taken care of my bookbag and put it where the dog could not get it.

Today I do not have home work but I do have Fibromyalsia and multiple other medical problems. If I do not heed the advice of my Doctor and my BODY and take good care of myself then I end up paying a greater price just like I did when I didn't take care of my bookbag. Today if I push to hard, do to much, get lazy about meds or eating right or the many other things I need to do; I end up by my body slowing down with more fatigue, pain, brainfog and all the other complications that come with my medical problems. Well I have gotten to excited and done too much and am now paying for it. For a few days not as much will be done, I haven't been on MSS or Facebook as much for a couple days, haven't been sleeping as well, but in spite of " the dog eating my homework" I'll get going again and once again try to learn to put balance back in my life.

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