Friday, October 9, 2009

New discovery: Collages

I have discovered that on my Picasa 3 free software it has a very nice and easy component for making collages of several different kinds. The top one is simply several different pictures that are made translucent and layered and then merged together. The computer does most of the work for you. You pick out the pics and push a few buttons. Even though this is pretty by itself it makes for a beautiful background or desktop. Look closely to see the individual flowers.
It also makes more traditional collages and with just a few pictures you can make the background wide enough to put labels under the photos. I plan on doing this by labeling the insects that visit my flowers as soon as I find out what they all are. (
The program also does a mosaic around a larger central photo; which with all the different flowers I saw by the roadside or grew in my garden turned into a bright, colorful wall hanging with my favorite flower the daisy in the middle.
I did up a family Christmas collage that I had considered giving to each family member next Christmas. Lots of Family memories there.
The last thing I tried was framing each picture before I did the collage, which did make a difference, but on some of the small ones some parts of the frame was cropped off.
All in all I had a lot of fun on this program and I'm going to keep experimenting with it. Might just get some worth framing as gifts for Christmas. Or maybe get my picture to tell a more complete story.

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