Saturday, April 30, 2011

Storm pic

I found this photo of Weds afternoon as the storms were coming in.  This is typical of our spring storms and as I walked out of the doctors office it stuck me how fast a storm can move in, with the bright blue sky followed by the storm clouds so I snapped this shot.  It is my understanding that there is only a 10-15 min warning for a tornado and looking at this picture you can understand why.

Spring Storms Aftermath

I still do not have any pictures to post at first it was to stay out of the way of the rescuers; now I can't bear the thought of going where I have taken photos or had planned on photographing and seeing the destruction.  I drive through that part of  of Spalding county on a regular basis and quite often pick out beautiful places to go back to photograph later and some of which I had not photographed yet and I really don't want to see those places destroyed. I know this is trivial compared to the loss of life (luckily only 2 died in Spalding county- if you saw the destruction in Spalding on Fox news you know lucky is a good word)as of yesterday seven mobile homes were still missing- yes I said missing- they were probably so torn up by the tornadoes that only pieces will be found; 400 homes and 30 businesses were damaged or destroyed. But all this has brought to my mind how quickly lives can change and how sometimes opportunities are lost forever. For those who lost their lives it is the ultimate in lost opportunities both for themselves and for those who survived them.  This is kind of the hard lesson to learn --- to appreciate what you have and treasure what you have while you have it.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Storms Update

Fox news has been showing quite a few pictures of Spalding County Georgia and the destruction there which is the county I live in.  Jeremy got called into work today due to the fact that so many of his fellow workers could not get to work due to blocked roads.  Tom's trip to work today went from a 19 mile drive to a 40 mile drive due to blocked roads. Our neighborhood was certainly lucky as the extent of our problems from the storm is we only lost power for a some time last night.  Johnina

Spring Storms

It has been a while since I have posted, due to my own personal storms, but I wanted to let my friends know that I am fine and survived the horrific weather we have had here.  I would like you to keep the storm survivors in your thoughts and prayers especially for the daughter of my heart, Emily Graves (Jeremy's girlfriend), although she has moved out on her own, her dad and sister are fine even though they were at the family home when a tornado hit and destroyed part of the home.  As of now there are still 7 of her former neighbors, people she grew up with, missing.  The rest of my family who were in the storms path are fine, although Laura did spend some time in her bathroom in the tub with her boys as it was the safest place in the house.  I'm staying inside to stay out of the way of the destruction and rescue efforts so no pics from me, but the news is doing a good job of covering the storms and the aftermath, FOX news in particular is doing an excellent job and is available on the web.    Johnina

Sunday, April 3, 2011