Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Storms

It has been a while since I have posted, due to my own personal storms, but I wanted to let my friends know that I am fine and survived the horrific weather we have had here.  I would like you to keep the storm survivors in your thoughts and prayers especially for the daughter of my heart, Emily Graves (Jeremy's girlfriend), although she has moved out on her own, her dad and sister are fine even though they were at the family home when a tornado hit and destroyed part of the home.  As of now there are still 7 of her former neighbors, people she grew up with, missing.  The rest of my family who were in the storms path are fine, although Laura did spend some time in her bathroom in the tub with her boys as it was the safest place in the house.  I'm staying inside to stay out of the way of the destruction and rescue efforts so no pics from me, but the news is doing a good job of covering the storms and the aftermath, FOX news in particular is doing an excellent job and is available on the web.    Johnina

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Emille said...

Oh my goodness, had no idea! Keep safe!