Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Greetings from Kingsport TN

View of the mountains from my daughters apt complex
I have recently been to see my daughter in Tennessee.  As my health increases my life expands and I am able to do more and more.  A couple of months ago a trip to Atlanta required someone else to drive me there.  About 3 weeks ago I drove  by myself from Griffin GA to Kingsport Tenn a little over 6 hours of straight driving.  I did take breaks and it took me about 8 hours but I did it.  HOORAY, HOORAY for me.
Pretty park and landscaping at Apt complex
While Laura and the boys were busy elsewhere I was able to take a walk and photograph some of the beauty of the area in which she lives.
As the subtitle to my blog says; See the Beauty; A Survivors Photo-Art Journal I still find much beauty in my everyday surroundings and continue to enjoy sharing it with you.
Another Mountain view
The only downfall to my returning health is as I am more and more active my time spent on the computer is less and less.  Hopefully I can someday soon manage both as I truly miss my online friends.
Hopefully that day will be soon.