Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Feeling better

I' m doing better I turned down the thermostat got a personal fan.  I had seen my pain doctor on the day I asked for suggestions.  He was actually a little concerned that I was overdosed and that was what some of the symptoms were from.  He gave me some non-sedating sleeping pills- ones that work with my bodies melatonin.  The suggestions given from my last post however got me to thinking about doctors I've seen in the past who thought out of the box.  The last time Atlanta had heat indexes like we do now; one of my doctors sent me to stay with my brother in Buffalo NY.  He called me every day to check on me because I had been spending so much time in the ER and he figured sending me up to NY where it was cooler and had less pollution would be helpful at least he was hoping so.  When I got back he told me that the real reason he sent me up there was that he felt like he was watching me die and he couldn't handle it.  He felt like he had to think out of the box in order to save my life and was certainly glad that it worked. Now that I remembered how badly I reacted to the heat before I did my best to stay inside and keep myself cool.  I babied myself with what I ate, kept it light; and used the sleeping pills and changed around the pain killers like the pain doctor suggested and am feeling better.  Not great but better.  I now have hope that progress will be made and little by little things will  get better

Friday, July 23, 2010

Suggestions please

I really not been having a very good day today or even for several days; between the heat and the pain I have felt like death warmed over.  Nausea, pain that won't go away,weak, just plain not feeling well. I've spent a lot of time crying only to have the crying cause a migraine with even worse nausea.  I've tried everything I can think of to feel better and find something to settle my stomach; just looking at me you can see I am losing weight from feeling so rotten. I've worked hard at distraction, but that's not working very well.  I know this is a POM post but if I can get some suggestions maybe I will get one to help.
Thanks-  Johnina  :^c  hopefully soon to be back to :^D 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

From one generation to the next

Hayden checking out Juliette
I sorry it's been so long since I've posted here.  Laura came down to help me out while her family was down here taking their vacation. She did join her husband and that side of her family fora couple of days, but for the most part she was with me with her boys.  I have been amazed at hard this recuperation has been.  The pain and pain meds have made for great distraction.  Laura was an amazing amount of help especially since she had both her boys with her.  I am amazed at how well Laura has done in helping her boys learn to obey and be helpful too.  I'm so proud of her and her kids.  Although the behavior did deteriorate as the week went by but that is to be expected with any kids away from their normal routines.  The boys got used to being left with Tom and I and coming into the house without clinging to their Mom.  It was so nice to see the boys being comfortable with usSince Hayden has Autism that is quite an improvement.
Juliette, Flo, Zack
One thing I noticed when the boys where here was that there were interests that seem to be passed down through the generations of our family.  We all seem to have an intense interest in nature with very little fear that would be present in other children. When we saw the spider in the window and let Hayden know about it; he came a running and if you look at the first photo; if you look where he is is looking you can see the spider. Emily is my only child with a fear of spiders but that did not develop till she was well into her teens, but she does have a great love of nature and with the exception of spiders shares that love with the rest of us.
Sebastian, you make me feel like dancing
We have found that sometime spiders even show personalities.  This one likes to stay closer to the ground and dance on his web.
Juliette, Flo 
I didn't realize that this particular kind of spider would build webs together like this.  This is a kind of spider that shows up in our yard every year and I have never seen them build webs together like this.  Strange...
We do not kill these spiders as they are basically harmless and are natural insect control.  Most of the time we name them and can tell them apart by location, size, and in this case Henry is missing part of his leg.  We almost always have a Henry and since Laura named most of them, we have one this year, too. 


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beauty to be found everywhere

I'm tired of writing of pain so I looked for fun pictures to lighten my mood and add fun and beauty to my life again.  This picture was taken in front of our downtown KFC.  It always hits me with a sense of irony every time I see it, as it gives the most traditional southern fried chicken place an oriental look.
This was taken at noon with my camera pointed straight up through my sunroof just to see how the photo would turn out.  I love it for it's bright colors and abstract look.
This is a photo of a bank window that has a flowering tree next to it.  Basically it is kind of a dull photo so I changed up the colors, to brighten it up.  Just to make it fun.
This is a photo I took when my son took me to the zoo.  It was so much different going to the zoo with my son as as a adult where we enjoyed each others company as adults.  Where we enjoyed a shared pastime, very pleasant.  I've enjoyed reediting these photos, the beauty in them and for me the memories.


A different kind of pain

Most hospitals are not known for their decor and the two hospitals I was at were no exception.  Blinds on the window, maybe some drapery sashes at the top and if you are really lucky a picture on the wall.  My room had a pretty nice scene form my window, but still it was small and to change it you had to get out of bed which was painful but actually helpful in recovery..  I took several photos out my window from different angles and then cropped and edited them differently which helped me to cope with time and the distract me from the pain.
Sylvan Grove; the rehab hospital encouraged patients to bring pictures and belongings from home, of course then you had to sign a waiver so the hospital was not responsible for them.  I noticed that those who had pictures or quilts or such from home got better so much faster and went home earlier after having passed their goals.  In the rehab hospital goals are set up for being able to take care of yourself and when you reach those goals you go home, if you take too long you go to a nursing home.  I went home a little over a week early.
One of the things that the nurses attributed to this early going home especially since I should have been there longer due to me many medical problems was my computer.  They were amazed at how much having the computer with me helped me in spite of the fact there was no wi-fi.  I could listen to music, movies of my choice, edit my photos, organize my photo.  Where all patients have TV how often is nothing on and you watch because you are bored and stay bored.  With my computer I stayed more alert and active and complained a whole lot less or so I was told, because I had my choice of activity due to having a laptop computer.  One of the therapist bought a laptop before I left because she saw how versatile it was.
I have packed for the hospital many time for many years and over the years what I bring has became more tech savvy form walkmans to MP3's to laptop computers and what I bring continues to help me through the tough hospital stays.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good-bye Slyvan Grove

So Happy to be Home
Sylvan Grove was the second hospital hospital; the rehabilitation hospital.  It was a small old hospital that needed some rehabilitation itself.  They were working on some restoration while I was there and it made for some very noisy nights, but I am still grateful for having been able to go there.  I got physical and occupational therapy 2 - 3 times a day so that by the time I went home I could pretty well take care of myself.  I am still in a lot of pain and I get tired easily which is why I didn't write my blog yesterday. 
I was exceptionally glad when I went to my surgeon on the way home from Sylvan Grove because he was exceptionally glad with the progress I had made at Sylvan Grove.  I was glad of this as this doctor has high expectations of the therapist that he sends his patients to.
But by the time I packed went to the doctor and got home and got what needed to be unpacked, unpacked I was exhausted and slept must of the day, so no blog.
I'm still in intense pain and this was distracting me but the pain is increasing so for tonight; I say Good-night and I wish you well.  JOHNINA  :^A

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, jiggedy-jig

Johnina will be leaving the hospital for home tomorrow (Friday, July 9).
I'm sure she will then be blogging away, and communicating with all of you, her friends.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Still incommunicado

Johnina is improving and her spirits are high. However, the dungeon master requires that she remain 'on ice' 'til next Thursday (08JUL). I am sure by then she will have much to tell.