Wednesday, July 21, 2010

From one generation to the next

Hayden checking out Juliette
I sorry it's been so long since I've posted here.  Laura came down to help me out while her family was down here taking their vacation. She did join her husband and that side of her family fora couple of days, but for the most part she was with me with her boys.  I have been amazed at hard this recuperation has been.  The pain and pain meds have made for great distraction.  Laura was an amazing amount of help especially since she had both her boys with her.  I am amazed at how well Laura has done in helping her boys learn to obey and be helpful too.  I'm so proud of her and her kids.  Although the behavior did deteriorate as the week went by but that is to be expected with any kids away from their normal routines.  The boys got used to being left with Tom and I and coming into the house without clinging to their Mom.  It was so nice to see the boys being comfortable with usSince Hayden has Autism that is quite an improvement.
Juliette, Flo, Zack
One thing I noticed when the boys where here was that there were interests that seem to be passed down through the generations of our family.  We all seem to have an intense interest in nature with very little fear that would be present in other children. When we saw the spider in the window and let Hayden know about it; he came a running and if you look at the first photo; if you look where he is is looking you can see the spider. Emily is my only child with a fear of spiders but that did not develop till she was well into her teens, but she does have a great love of nature and with the exception of spiders shares that love with the rest of us.
Sebastian, you make me feel like dancing
We have found that sometime spiders even show personalities.  This one likes to stay closer to the ground and dance on his web.
Juliette, Flo 
I didn't realize that this particular kind of spider would build webs together like this.  This is a kind of spider that shows up in our yard every year and I have never seen them build webs together like this.  Strange...
We do not kill these spiders as they are basically harmless and are natural insect control.  Most of the time we name them and can tell them apart by location, size, and in this case Henry is missing part of his leg.  We almost always have a Henry and since Laura named most of them, we have one this year, too. 



Carmi said...

Your spiders are seriously on steroids.

Honestly, what a wow series of pictures. Call me blown away by the subject, and more importantly, the context. I doubt I'll ever look at spiders the same way again.

Zuzana said...

I agree with you, the wonders and innocence of childhood that harbors no fear for anything. Fear of animals and natural creatures that become instigated by adults.
Beautiful images. Leave me breathless at all times. May I ask what site do you use to upload (link to) your images? I use picassa webalbum offered by the blogger, but all my images loose their colors and become completely different from the original, causing me terrible disappointment at all times. I love the way yours maintain their beautiful quality.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Time for those boys to read Charlotte's Web!