Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A different kind of pain

Most hospitals are not known for their decor and the two hospitals I was at were no exception.  Blinds on the window, maybe some drapery sashes at the top and if you are really lucky a picture on the wall.  My room had a pretty nice scene form my window, but still it was small and to change it you had to get out of bed which was painful but actually helpful in recovery..  I took several photos out my window from different angles and then cropped and edited them differently which helped me to cope with time and the distract me from the pain.
Sylvan Grove; the rehab hospital encouraged patients to bring pictures and belongings from home, of course then you had to sign a waiver so the hospital was not responsible for them.  I noticed that those who had pictures or quilts or such from home got better so much faster and went home earlier after having passed their goals.  In the rehab hospital goals are set up for being able to take care of yourself and when you reach those goals you go home, if you take too long you go to a nursing home.  I went home a little over a week early.
One of the things that the nurses attributed to this early going home especially since I should have been there longer due to me many medical problems was my computer.  They were amazed at how much having the computer with me helped me in spite of the fact there was no wi-fi.  I could listen to music, movies of my choice, edit my photos, organize my photo.  Where all patients have TV how often is nothing on and you watch because you are bored and stay bored.  With my computer I stayed more alert and active and complained a whole lot less or so I was told, because I had my choice of activity due to having a laptop computer.  One of the therapist bought a laptop before I left because she saw how versatile it was.
I have packed for the hospital many time for many years and over the years what I bring has became more tech savvy form walkmans to MP3's to laptop computers and what I bring continues to help me through the tough hospital stays.


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It really makes sense (having familiar things around you that you love) that it helps speed up the recovery process!

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Proof that creativity heals!