Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Storms Aftermath

I still do not have any pictures to post at first it was to stay out of the way of the rescuers; now I can't bear the thought of going where I have taken photos or had planned on photographing and seeing the destruction.  I drive through that part of  of Spalding county on a regular basis and quite often pick out beautiful places to go back to photograph later and some of which I had not photographed yet and I really don't want to see those places destroyed. I know this is trivial compared to the loss of life (luckily only 2 died in Spalding county- if you saw the destruction in Spalding on Fox news you know lucky is a good word)as of yesterday seven mobile homes were still missing- yes I said missing- they were probably so torn up by the tornadoes that only pieces will be found; 400 homes and 30 businesses were damaged or destroyed. But all this has brought to my mind how quickly lives can change and how sometimes opportunities are lost forever. For those who lost their lives it is the ultimate in lost opportunities both for themselves and for those who survived them.  This is kind of the hard lesson to learn --- to appreciate what you have and treasure what you have while you have it.

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