Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall colors

It seems to me that this autumn the colors on the tree and leaves are turning colors in a different way. It could also be that I just didn't notice the color change until the whole tree had changed. This year I've noticed that on some of the leaves only part of the leaf have changed color making the leaf half red and half green. On some of the trees I've noticed that only a few scattered leaves have changed while on still others only sections of the trees have turned. I alway thought that trees of the same kind changed at the same time, but not this year. It also seemed that the trees tended to all change about the same time, but it looks like this year some trees are going to be completely bare before the trees next to them turn colors. I remember in years past that I would be driving down the road and the sun would hit the yellow and orange trees and it would take my breath away, of course that may come about in the near future but the leaves this year seem to have more of a brown tint to them. I know from years past that every year is different. I'm probably noticing more and am just impatient in waiting for a Georgia fall. I've been looking at all the pretty pictures from up north so I'm probably just impatient and the colors will come. Right now I'm just noticing earlier which I've never done before. Maybe since I'm noticing earlier I'll enjoy it longer. I must admit that I have become much more aware of the world around me since I started taking photos and much more appreciative. The Lord really did create a beautiful world for us to live on.

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