Monday, October 12, 2009

Rainy day

Rain, rain go away
Come again some other day
Little Johnny wants to play.
Pain, pain go away
Never come another day
Cuz it's me who wants to play.
We're starting another round of rain which means MORE MUSHROOMS. I still haven't finished editing the pics I've got. I'm actually getting a little tired of mushrooms, but I've seen so many different kinds that I've never seen before I'm afraid to not go look and take pictures cuz I don't want to miss any.
While it's raining though I'm staying inside and getting some organizing things done. today I finished designing and got some contact cards done, some permission cards made up so I know I can use people's photos even on the Internet, and stickers to go on framed pictures I give away with contact info on them. Tom was a tremendous help in doing all those things.
I finished some editing and got some more pictures on flickr. I haven't been able to take pictures outside so I set up to do still life's inside and took a few. Kept up my blog. For me this was a Very full day, but I made sure to take a nap so maybe I won't pay to high a price tomorrow. Good night all.

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