Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cameras, computers, and the internet

To me cameras, computers and the Internet; living in this technological world is as great a blessing as the medical wonders that also come in this era. The medicines have kept me alive and in some ways have improved my quality of life, but they come with a price. If you listen to the commercials for these new "wonder drugs" they sound so wonderful until... they get to the side effects. Then they don't sound so wonderful; my personal favorite is "with some fatal occurrences". It really makes you want to take the medicine now doesn't it. I've gone thru the all natural route only to find that if you are taking anything in medicinal doses you have the same problem as with taking medicine. But still in spite of my complaining about my meds I would be much worse off without them. Actually I'd be dead in a matter of days without one of them so I am grateful for modern medicine and the technology that makes it possible.
But with all the meds I'm still disabled and sometimes house bound or hospitalized. I've had to learn to cope with that situation too. In times past I would have been very lonely and bored. Thanks to technology there are many options for those who are disabled to be active in many areas even if they are house bound. I'll talk about some I've used in the past later but for now I am really into photography.
Thanks to technology cameras are now lightweight easy to use and much cheaper to use. I could never afford all the film and developing that used to be a part of photo taking and I certainly could not use or afford a dark room. I can take literally thousands of pictures to learn on and just delete the ones I don't like. It really speeds up your learning rate when you can take a hundred pics at a time instead of 24 on a roll. Taking photos has also given me a great appreciation of this wonderful world we live in. I notice things around me more and how wonderful they are and by being able to see other peoples photo from all over the world I see how beautiful the rest of this world is. I've included some of my photos I hope you enjoy them.
Then comes the computer and the Internet where you can get free editing software. When someone else develops your film did the picture not come out because you goofed or the processor goofed. It's extremely hard to learn that way. Besides editing your own pics is a great deal of fun.
The computer and the Internet also serves another important service. I have met many people over the Internet with my same interests. My two favorite are Facebook and MyShutterSpace. On facebook I keep in contact with my family and friends of various interests and MyShutterSpace has my photo friends and is the best photo site I've found I've learned lots and met lots of friends there and gotten lots of encouragement as I've been learning.
In fact since joining these sites I've been able to get rid of some of my medicines, especially after joining MSS. Which is a real tribute to the quality of people on that site.
Right now I am trying to save up for a good Laptop that can go with me to the hospital. I still go into the hospital occasionally and the fall and early winter are the worst times for me to end up in the hospital. Doesn't look like this year maybe next year.
The Internet provides many different opportunities to go out into the world and get involved without having to leave your house and for me that is a major blessing. Try it out, find something that you enjoy, enrich your life.

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