Monday, October 5, 2009

Mushroom Serendipity

I have loved the word serendipity for many years now, ever since they came out with a series of kids books called "Serendipity Tales". They were sweet little stories where things may not have turned out as the characters wished but they always had happy endings with good lessons. My kids loved them and we are now looking diligently thru thrift stores trying to find them. By now you may be wondering what mushrooms have to do with kid books, weeell Sat I went to the Pharmacy to pick up a prescription and picked one up and went home only to discover at home that it was the wrong prescription. It was one they owed me but I wasn't out of yet. So I called the Pharmacy and they still had the presription I was out of and needed, so back to the Pharmacy I went. When I got there I had to park in another spot but what did I see was the BIGGEST pile of mushrooms I've ever seen. Photo OP. What could have been an annoyance turned out to be a delightful experience. Serendipity! I gave them a prescription that could not be filled till today and the mushroom piles had started forming a HUGE fairy ring. Again serendipity. Many times if we just go with the flow and look around we will find annoyances turn into delight and learn to love the word SERENDIPITY.

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