Friday, October 7, 2011

WrittenInc makes you think

WrittenInc is one of my all time favorite blogs.  Carmi posts everyday and he always gives you something to think about.  Today's post posed the question of where do you find comfort when the world doesn't seem to offer any?  Not only does Carmi give his thoughts but the people who comment are also generous with their answers and it makes reading the comments just as thought provoking as his posts.  I left my comment there,

He also does a thematic challenge every week.  This is were his followers can post a post from their blogs depicting his theme.  This weeks thematic challenge is Autumn.

I don't very often post a special post just for his theme; I have been blogging long enough so I can find a post to fit his theme from past posts and this is acceptable for his challenge.

But as I have recently been reorganizing my photos I have come across lots of autumn photos that I don't think I have shared before so I posted on his weekly theme today.  I hope you enjoy them. 
 Happy Autumn

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Iggygirl said...

I love autumn photos, such beautiful colours this time of year.

Max said...

Gorgeous autumn photos. I love the bright reds and oranges against the deep greens. Awesome!

Steve Gravano said...

Some beautiful photos, those oak leaves are awesome!

Karen S. said...

OPh my goodness....if I could grade this it's A++++++++++++++++ all the way....what marvelous beauty, and how you mastered each of natures own gift with your camera...this is very cool....the star shaped leaf like...could be ONE of my favorites! You are so right on about Written Inc. or rather the great mind behind it! I too, am so happy I stumbled across his blog and the many regular bloggers or pop-in-and-out ones...Carmi's was my first blog party that I began playing weekly ever since...I haven't missed on week of his adventurous themes...since I became a follower...and you're right his comments and the other blogger's comments make a happy experience for sure! Now you can create a poem book about autumn and life with all your photos! Too cool!

Ann's Art said...

Gorgeous photos of Autumn Johnina...and that cloud was a brilliant capture with your camera...great.

Carmi said...

I can feel these colors. More importantly, I can feel an enormous amount of kindness in your words, and I'm very humbled and touched. You've made my day - I know, not the first time you've done so, but I wanted to thank you for being such a kind, sharing soul.

Coleen said...

Johnina, really like the beauty and the colors in the oak(?) leaves close-up. You have a sensitive touch or maybe I should say eye.

Also, liked the Acrylics/Alcohol ink tutorial so much I had to repost to my blog. Please come by.

An American in Ukraine

Pam said...

Awesome fall colors! Gorgeous photogrphy!
(PamV Swap-bot/check out my blog#2

JC said...

Those are awesome autumn pictures :) Autumn is my most favorite season, nature's melancholy compensated by all the lovely gifts she bestow on us, the beauty, the bountiful harvests, the colors.

Hi Johnina, this is jen (sgheartswaps) from the "Promoting your blog" swap partner. I love all the lovely pictures you have taken and posted :)