Saturday, October 22, 2011

Frost on the Pumpkin

We had our first frost of the fall yesterday.  The appearance of the 'frost on the pumpkin'.  Since I don't have my pictures and I don't have any pumpkin pictures anyway, I decided to just have some fun and draw a pumpkin for you.  It's been a while since I've done any drawing but zentangle; I'm a little rusty.  I had fun doing the drawing and experimenting with my watercolor pencils and colored pencils.  This is not best work but it is bright and cheerful so I decided to post it anyway.
While I was out walking the dog this morning, yet another frosty morning, I noticed the frost patterns on the roof of my neighbor's house.  I thought they were kind of interesting and graphic in nature.  I then noticed the roof on my house and how very different mine looked.

Apparently the house next door has some heat leaks in their attic, which caused the patterns on the roof.  Our roof was solid in color indicating no leaks.  Pay attention here, whether you are a DIY kind of person or not; if you want to know how well your attic insulation is working, go out on a frosty morning and photograph your roof so you know where you need extra insulation.  I wish I could hire myself out to the contractors in our area to do this, but I'm sure if I give them this idea, they will just do it themselves. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my frosty mornings from my point of view (I don't have much in the way of editing programs on my husbands computer) even with just basic editing and maybe you can use this idea to help with your heating bills this winter.
BTW I did get my computer back today but it is like a brand new computer, no programs but what comes with the computer and no data.  It was all backed up on an external harddrive, but I still have to put it back on my computer.  They completely wiped my computer and physically took the computer apart to get any dust or whatever from the inside, so basically I do indeed have a new computer.  It will however take a little while for me to get it back and up in running so please be patient.  ♥Johnina♥


Serena said...

I like your pumpkin sketch, Johnina!

How interesting about the roof and insulation. You're right...if you mentioned doing the job, they would just take the idea and do it themselves. I imagine the neighbour's heating bills would be much higher due to the heat escaping into the roof.

Congrats on getting your computer back...I hate having to load everything back on. I had to do that at the beginning of the year when my old computer died.

Have a lovely weekend,
Serena :)

Karen S. said...

Very nice pumpkin drawing...and I'm amazed that you've only had one frost so far! We've had a few, then right after temps up to the 80's...we won't see 80's again for a while but it is going to be nice again tomorrow around the 60's...which is good cuz I heard we're in for even a worse winter than last year...grrrr...good luck with getting things back to well working order for your computer, it's never fun I know!