Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ATC's adding texture- Swapbot

I was doing an Artist trading card for a trade for Swapbot and wanted to add some texture to the background of my zentangle design.  I had seen this technique on youtube and thought I would try it.
This is my result:

My photos were not that great, but I think you can get the idea.  I love using textured backgrounds with my artwork.  I liked the way this turned out but next time I will try using more alcohol.  I used a spray bottle because of the small size of this project.  I did the first layer in pink and the second layer in purple, because those were favorite colors of my swap partner.  As you can see I added a couple of my stickers and of course I can't leave the envelope alone.  I don't send out letters or packages without them being decorated anymore.
I also did a mail art swap.  I added a letter, two stickers from my photos and blank note cards again using my photos.  I send according to my swap partners profiles.  This person likes purple, zentangle and realistic frogs.  With these swaps; I send to one person and someone else sends to me.  This is kinda cool as I get to know more artists this way.  I am also learning to use my photos in different ways.  I'm now making stickers, envelopes, and note cards.  I've got a current swap making postcards, so I'll figure out how best to do those.  I have been using my photos for more than printing up and hanging on my walls.  I've discovered more ways to enjoy my photos and to share them with others. 
I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have been up to and it helps get your creative juices flowing.


PS the give away of my stickers is still in progress scroll down to Giveaway #3 for details and good luck.



Karen S. said...

Absolutely great works...and the best part is how you feel doing these projects and then the results..especially once one simple card you created reaches someone and really makes their day!

Iggygirl said...

That's a cool idea, thanks for sharing the tutorial. Beautiful atcs too.