Friday, October 28, 2011

Climbing tree

We are down to one car for three drivers, so in order to get everyone to work I had to be on the road early today.  It gave me a wonderful opportunity to photograph the sunrise someplace else besides across the street.  This tree stands outside of where my husband works.  He loves this tree and would put it in our yard if it was possible.  Such a good climbing tree; a young boys climbing fantasy.  It also has great character and in the early morning light and combined with the steet lights what a delightfully graphic quality it exudes.
Serendipity strikes again

Have a wonderful day


Karen S. said...

...and the mystery unfolds....what a golden sunset your last photo just begs for a story....maybe it's that lovely tree, seeming lost but so alive, just waiting for someone to hang a swing on it's branch or just pause for a photo! Very cool capture of a stunning evening at hand.

Carmi said...

I close my eyes and imagine some child, long ago, climbing on these welcoming branches, seeing what must have a been a very different world back then.

As much as I hate getting up early to shuttle everyone around, part of me cherishes the opportunity to see the world as it slowly awakes. It's quite the privilege to witness the transition. You've captured that feeling so magnificently here.