Saturday, October 8, 2011

Eye in the Sky

This cloud formation reminds me so much of a friendly version of  the eye from Lord of the Rings.  I was so glad that I had my camera with me this morning and all ready to shot when I saw this as I am a big fan of Lord of the Rings
I really loved the books and the movie did a wonderful job of portraying the characters and the vision of the books.  When we first bought a copy of the Fellowship of the Ring it was on VHS tape; we didn't own a DVD player yet.  Then we bought it on DVD.  Although we have yet to get Blu-ray player, the movie has been recently re-released on Blu ray, so I guess we will have to buy that version in the not to distant future.   This is one of those rare movies that lived up to the books.  I've read the books so much I wore out my first copy that I bought as a teenager.  I've read my second copy several times now. This is a true classic that never gets old.  As an artist  I've also enjoyed the books that depict how they came up with the artwork for the film.  I was amazed when I typed in Lord of the Rings on amazon at the number of items available there.  Lots to enjoy.
Below is just another sky scene that I took this morning for you to enjoy.



Carmi said...

I had to stop and catch my breath on that first about a wickedly cool cloud formation! Makes you wonder if this is as "random" as we think it is.

I'll be looking up today, thanks to you!


what a magnificent image - in all ways! wonder what "it" sees down here? ;)

Coleen said...

Johnina, some wonderful photography.I'm follwoing you now from s-b, blog swaps. No, you weren't one of my partners,but I'm just going down the list and I like what I see here. I like to do photography too, but I also craft. Please come check out my blog and I hope you'll follow me back.
Coleen in Ukraine

Pam said...

Beautiful photos...thank you for sharing.
(PamV. Swap-bot/blog swap)

lisa said...

I love that picture. I been trying to take pictures with the moon and it never comes out right.

Ingrid Glaw said...

cool cloud. I love looking at the cloud they create such beautiful displays.

-iggygirl (check out my blog #2 swap)