Monday, October 3, 2011

Disorganized organization

A couple of days ago i opened up my computer only to be greeted by the dreaded blue screen.  Fortunately I was able to start my computer without any more problems; however It reminded me that I had not backed up my photos for about a month.  When I was backing up my files I realized I really needed to organize my photos.  Yet another task that I have neglected lately.
When I was going through my photos I discovered some photos I really liked and don't think I've ever posted so just for fun I am posting just this and that photos.

Hope you
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Bit of Whimsy Dolls said...

I really, really love the mushroom!

Karen S. said...

Birds and flowers and windows..three of my favorite things ....especially in photos! very cool, glad you posted them!

Iggygirl said...

Nice photos, love the mushroom one.

Carmi said...

Last shot: Magical.

Coleen said...

Wow! What can I the little fat sparrow and the roses are stunning, but the mushrooms are really something with that spider web.

Coleen in Ukraine