Saturday, October 29, 2011

Give away #3 Animal stickers

My computer is back. Yes!!  Had to take it back.  Boo!! Hiss!!  Now I have a computer that works so much better in spite of the frustration of getting it fixed.  First I had to take it down because it was s--l--o--w and frustrating, overheating, but put it off cuz I didn't want to be without my computer no matter how frustrating it was getting.  Then the touch pad was no longer functioning properly and sometimes the cursor wouldn't move and I would have to restart.  Kind of hard to use a computer in that condition so to the Geek Squad it went. 
They backed it up, wiped it clean, reinstalled Windows, took it apart and cleaned out the dust and it worked amazing better.  However I had to reload programs and then data but could not get my one computer, one use programs  to reinstall.  Considering this included MS Works and my anti-virus program this was a serious problem.  I also tried to reinstall my photos onto my computer and then couldn't pull them up on my editing programs another big problem for me.  Back to the Geek Squad again.  They were able to fix all these problems and I am now back in business; however I was without a computer that was set up for me for quite a while.  I had to borrow a computer to put up the posts for the last week or so.  Unfortunately this has slowed down getting my themed sticker sheets out to my winners.
Above is the sheet for SheWhoSeeks; she choose animals as her theme as she like the frog on the bottom of the first sheet of stickers (see my post on Giveaway #3.  These photos were taken of critters from my garden and the Atlanta zoo.  Hope she enjoys.
The give aways for those I heard back from will be going out Monday as I had to re-install my printer, too and then the ink needs to dry before they can be sent. Helpful tip: when you print in color on an ink jet printer the ink needs to dry and cure for 24 hours before it can even be stacked much less shipped.  It has taken longer to do this than I had expected but they are going out as quick as I could get them out
Even though I am still reinstalling programs and getting things set up like I want, I'm back.  Thanks for you patience

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