Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rascal takes me for a walk

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Rascal walks me
Yesterday I woke up in the morning in horrible pain, but in spite of it I was in a good mood after a wonderful weekend of being spiritually feed by watching the LDS conference on TV.  If you want to hear some of the best Christian teachings go to lds.org then go to general conference; there are plenty of talks to choose from.  Right now they are all available to listen to; by Thursday they will be done with transcribing them and they will be available to read.  I like to copy them to Word then highlight in yellow, add my thoughts in parenthesis and in red and add the scriptures.  Actually you can add the scriptures that are referred to by clicking on them before you transfer to Word.  If you would like to do this and are confused by my directions here, please e-mail me at johninayoung@yahoo.com and I will give more complete directions.
 Deer Trail (yes we get deer on our property)
Every morning Rascal asks to be walked by me; even if  he has just come in with Tom from doing his business.  He just likes me to walk him where he can sniff the air and investigate to his hearts content.  If you watch 'It's Me Or The Dog' on Animal Planet one of the things the trainer stresses is taking your dog for a walk and not just for doing their business.  It makes for a calmer, more contented dog.  For me it works out the morning stiffness and makes sure I get some exercise.
 Beautiful poison
I did real good till about noon and then the pain started to wear me down.  I can override the pain for a while but eventually the pain drains me.  Curling up and crying sounds good when that happens.  I went to Wal-Mart as a distraction instead.  It didn't work.  I was surprised that it had been so long since I had been out of my neighborhood and how much the trees had changed color in town.  There are more decorative trees in town that change color sooner than the trees out in the woods by where I live.  I'll have to go into town with my camera.
Splashes of color
I've been trying to post every day, but the pain yesterday in spite of a good start just got to be to much.  There are days like that when you have fibromyalsia, especially when the weather changes and we had a cold front move in. When I have a bad day like that I just have to keep in mind there is always tomorrow.  Like the song from the musical 'Annie' 'the sun will come out tomorrow....'
Johnina  :^A


Debra She Who Seeks said...

And speaking of the sun, there's a Sunshine Award for you over at my blog -- see yesterday's post of Oct 4th!

Nora said...

Sorry to hear about your pain. I hope today will be a better day for you.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Thanks so much,I'll check it out

I hope so too. Tom brought home an article from the internet that states that people with fibromyalsia often have a bad flare when they get a flu shot and I just got my flu shot Friday.