Sunday, October 24, 2010

Autumn Colors

Blanketflower art-edit
Splashes of color 17
Splashes of color 19
Splashes of color 18- Art edit

Autumn wildflower 1
At this time of year everyday brings a change of colors.  The leaves change slowly down here and this year it seems to be slower than usual.  One day you wake to a completely green tree, then maybe a day or two later that tree may have just a couple of colored leaves, then maybe a couple of clumps a few days later and then days later a tree in fall color, looking the way it shouldIn the meantime another tree is doing the same thing but on a different schedule.  Added to that is the fall flowers that are currently blooming.  It is really quite pretty even if the colors are not coming out as they normally do.  I have not been able to get traditional autumn landscapes so I have concentrated on the colorful leaves, especially those that are sunlit. I have also taken the pictures and turned them into art-edits so that I have more than just leaf photos.  Enjoy some of the colors of autumn from Georgia.

Johnina :^A 


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow, those are wild! I like the rays of colour emanating from the first -- it's Superflower!


what absolutely magnificent images! just divine! brilliant and beautiful! not enough words to describe - wonderful work, lady!