Sunday, October 17, 2010


Mandala Zentangle Style- 1st attempt

I don't remember where I found out about the You Tube demonstration on this style of Mandala but I am sure glad I did.  In case you don't know what a Mandala is; it is an ancient art form, usually a circle, which is usually used as a focus for meditation.  The making of a Mandala is also used as a type of meditation.  It is done in colored sand in some monasteries by monks in the present day.  I've seen pictures and videos of it being done and it is fascinating.  The reason I don't remember where I found this style is because I found it a while ago and never got up the courage to try this new technique even though I liked the look and had done some Mandalas in the past.  But with reading 'The Sound of Paper' by Julie Cameron I gathered my courage and tried it.  It was wonderful!!!!  Making it turned out to be a form of meditation and a GREAT distraction from the pain.  I started on it last night and got lost in it, losing track of time AND PAIN.  It didn't take away the pain because when I stopped there was an immediate return of the pain; I was just lost in the creation and not paying attention to the pain.  Just like hypnosis does not take away the pain, it just takes your mind elsewhere.  I had my last three babies with hypnosis; while my body was busy and in full labor, my mind was on the beach relaxing.  The pain was still there though; I know because one Doctor walked in touched me on the leg and said 'time to wake up an have this baby' and I came right out of the hypnosis in the middle of a 'let's push this baby out' contraction and promptly panicked;  I've even had stitches in my neck without even having had a local while using hypnosis.   I wish I could stay in a state of hypnosis at times, but it does have it's limits like laying down and being still and not really accomplishing anything (except for having a baby).  I think I will try another one and be a little more adventurous and use some color.
Below is the You tube demonstration if you would like to try it.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Beautiful! I can see how it would be very meditative to draw a mandala using this method. I saw Tibetan monks making a sand mandala once -- it was fascinating. It took them about a week to complete it. When it was done, they scooped it up and poured it in a river to flow away with the water. All things are impermanent and the Eternal Now is all that matters.

Nora said...

Nice job! I know coloring one can be very meditative too. You should try to color this one. Maybe try colored inks and a fine brush. It's fun.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Debra and Nora- Thanks for the nice compliments.
Nora- great idea, I think I'll try it today