Friday, October 29, 2010

Stormy October weather

We have had several days of rain in a row.  I does clear up for a couple of hours in the afternoon everyday so it's not so bad.  The wind however continues to gust all day long.  I decided to try out a new technique to see if I could capture the movement of the leaves during the times when the rain was not falling but the wind was blowing.  I experimented with the shutter speed so that the lens was open longer to catch the leaves as they moved while trying to keep the tree trunks and backgrounds sharp.  Some of the results are below.  Let me know what you think so I can adjust my camera for the best photos.

 My daughter also has stormy weather every fall as she starts school and breaks in new roommates on top of the weather change.  She has already had to cope with snow flurries at night already.  Since she has asthma the weather change makes a difference, but the biggest of her stormy weather is breaking in her roommates to her allergies.  You see she has severe food allergies that can send her into an asthma attack or worse anaphylaxis and it's not just eating the food, it can just being around when the food is cooked.  She posts a list which causes some teasing; it is very long and even if her roommates are understanding some of their friends are not.  They are also not used to being careful in what they eat and fix so they sometimes forget and then she can't breathe.  She really did a good job of describing what it is like for her on her blog  
I can relate; I have different medical problems but a lot of the same frustrations.  Check out her blog it will give you a different view on life.

  I have been reading the first Dresden files book.  I've read a couple of them and they are just fun, quick to read fantasy books.  This one did have a tidbit of wisdom in it and finding these little character thoughts that really round out the characters is why I still read.  The saying that the book is always better than the movie; I believe to be true almost exclusively.  Anyway here is the quote from "Storm Front" by Jim Butcher that kind of sums up how to handle the storms of life.
'Rain was coming down in sheets.  I could hear it, on the concrete outside and on the old building above me.  It creaked and swayed in the spring thunderstorm and the wind, timbers gently flexing, wise enough with age to give a little, rather than put up stubborn resistance until they broke.  I could probably stand to learn something from that.'  
I think we could all learn to bend in the storms of life so we don't break.

Johnina  :^A


Enchanted Oak said...

I like what's going on with the maple leaves. The stationary background with the motion of the leaves is very creative. Hurray for you to capture the wind! An amazing feat.

Nora said...

I like the first photograph best of all. Some of the others make me feel motion sick, sorry! That's good photography, I guess. The bottom one is also very nice, but I see no motion in it. Was there supposed to be?

EG Wow said...

Now you've got me thinking I ought to experiment with windy days!

Sorry your daughter has to break in her new roommates to her allergies! That cannot be fun.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Enchanted Oak- thank you for yout compliments and for visiting my site. :^A

Nora- thanks for the comments and the bottom pic did not have much movement. I caught it at the end of a gust but included it just because I liked it so much. :^A

EG Wow- thanks for the comments and the sympathy for my daughter; it is tough on her. thanks also for visiting my site. :^A