Thursday, April 1, 2010

When this you see

I've been trying to get all my little avatars, icons, or whatever you want to call those little identifying pictures on the web to all match.  So when you see this picture on the web you will know that it is me.  I think it symbolizes me and my personality or what I hope to become pretty well.  It has a somewhat traditional look, kind of like a Chinese painting and is therefore familiar, but it is taken a step further to become creative and unique.  The colors are soft and feminine with just enough bold and dark colors for contrast, liveliness, vitality and interest.  The shapes of the limbs, branches and trees have both character and variety from both years of growth and predetermined genetics.  Lastly the frame pulls it all together for one complete whole.
As part of my living fearlessly I have decided to sell my artwork, which is why I have added the slideshow and icon should you wish to purchase one of my photos.  Just click on the icon and it will take you to my site.  If you do not see the photo art you wish to purchase just contact me via e-mail (listed on right) and I will see if I can get it on the site for you.  Not all of my pictures are sufficient size or resolution to print well, sorry.
In celebration of starting my own sales website I will be giving away a 16x20 print of one of my photographs on April 30.  If you would like to make suggestions as to which photo that will be leave a comment either here or by e-mail.  There are plenty of photos to look at; see the 'Contact Information' box on the right.  Please give me the name of the photo or the name of the post.  I will be deciding on which photo to give away on April 15.  More details to follow.

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