Monday, April 19, 2010

Garden Salad

This really is a garden salad from my garden.  I think it is appropriate to be able to get my first spring green salad during earth week.  I know there is a lot of political stuff to go with earth week but I feel this is the best way to celebrate earth week by enjoying the bounty provided by this wonderful earth by the help of my own hands.  This salad was grown organically and contains a couple of different kinds of leaf lettuce and mesclun, raddichio, arugula, strawberry spinach ( a new plant I grew from seed to try), spinach, Chinese cabbage, curly endive, garlic chives, parsley (much more nutritious than you would think), fennel leaves, edible flowers, and wild onions (that were growing wild in the yard).  I think it's pretty wonderful.  I cut my salad cut into strips; it's just so much easier for me to toss and eat that way.  Tip for cutting salad into strips: there is always stacking and cutting with a knife, but I've found that a PIZZA CUTTER works better and faster.  I've found with small items, herbs, edible flowers, and such that scissors work really well.  I like eating salads and enjoy them, but I think I enjoyed this one more than normal, probably because I grew it and harvested it and I think I could taste all the extra nutrition from all those yummy dark greens of spring.  Savor this season of new growth and bounty.    

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Zuzana said...

Wow, you already have a salad from your garden, how lovely.;) Thank you for the tip with the pizza cutter, how clever.;)