Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Seeing Yellow

Normal extremely high pollen count is anything over 120.  Well today in Atlanta the pollen count was 5733.  I think that qualifies as extremely high.  I live outside of Atlanta in a wooded area and I'm not sure that I would even want to know what the pollen count is here,  Everything is covered in pollen and it is starting to seep into the house.  You can't keep anything dusted.  I've been dusting off my computer every couple of hours and you would never know it.  I took my camera out to take these pictures and came in with a dusty or should I say 'polleny' camera.  As you can see in the first picture even the windshield wipper has a hard time keeping up. I looked off into the distance and instead of clear blue skies or even gray polluted ones it was a yellow green.  I didn't even try to capture the sky because even if I got the sky color perfect no one would believe me.  If you look at this mornings post you will notice the sunrise is definately yellow.  They say that this pollen is too big and heavy to cause any 'real' allergy, but whoever the they are surely doesn't live here at this time of year.  Allergy or not it will certainly irratate one's eyes, nose, sinuses and lungs.  Usually at this time of year everyone can hear me coming from a ways off by listening for my breathing.  Last week Tom bought me a mask and it seems to be helping as I am breathing pretty normally for this kind of pollen count.  I've been wearing it whenever I go outside to walk the dogs or work in the garden and I'm seriously considering wearing it every time I go out.  It seems Tom got it for me in the nick of time; the pollen counts have only been in the extreme range for just a couple of days.  I guess if one wants lots of trees and flowers one has to put up with the pollen.  As for meI'm going to continue taking care of myself so hopefully I can make it through this time of year with minimum problems.

All the picture where taken of the outside of mine and Jeremy's cars.

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Protege said...

I was just reading an identical post by Steviewren, my blog friend that too lives in Alabama. This must be severe when two ladies dedicate a post to pollen. I hope it will ease a bit soon.;)