Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Now living fearlessly - Excuses Begone!

I just started reading Dr. Wayne Dyer's book Excuses Begone! for the third time.  Each time I get more and more out of it and more and more determined not to let excuses get in the way of my becoming the full and complete person I am supposed to be.  My Mom died at Easter time with so much left to give, with so much talent still left bottled up inside.  She was still so much afraid of life and what she had to give.  Dad gave her a necklace for her birthday that said "live, love, laugh" something I think she was learning it was missing from her life and was trying to put that philosophy into her life.  She made my sister, Pam, promise to give it to me when she died because she felt that of all her children I was the one missing that philosophy the most.  Mom received the necklace in January and died in April, not much time for her to use it.  I wore it for a long time, then put it up and only recently got it back out again.  It's time for me to use it to the fullest; to "live, love, laugh" to become the person I am supposed to be; to fearlessly live to leave the excuse behind so I don't die afraid of life with all my talents left bottled up inside.  This message seems to be coming from all sides, finding the necklace, finding the book, a receptionist who reminded me that I didn't want to die with my talent bottled up inside, to the unexpected death of a friend my age, to the anniversary of my mother's death. Serendipity coming into my life once again.
I edited and will print up this photo to remind me to live life fearlessly, to keep up my current zest for life.  The clouds are exploding out from behind the dark trees that had been hiding them and lighting them up on the way.  The clouds also remind me of the Pheonix's flames from which I can burst forth reborn.  (PLEASE CLICK ON PHOTO TO SEE MESSAGE MORE CLEARLY)


Twain12 said...

beautiful picture and it is a lesson we all need to learn.

Protege said...

Beautiful post. I am sorry that Easter most likely feels a bit nostalgic and sad for you.
But your beautiful attitude that shines through here is welcomed. Yes indeed, we need to embrace life fully, without fear and enjoy the little time we get the privilege to spend here.
Beautiful picture and words.:)

家瑩 said...


Sue O'Kieffe said...

We are soul sisters of the spirit, my friend. My father passed away on Good Friday over twenty years ago. The image of the Phoenix has significance for me as well. But really, what we both have in common is that our souls are clamoring to be heard. It's a good time to be expanding.
Thanks for coming over to my blog and for your comments.