Friday, March 12, 2010

Sleep study

I had a sleep study done at the hospital last night. They hook you up to all these wires, every wire that you see is connected to me somewhere, then they hook you up to these machines and put a mask on your face and THEN they expect you to sleep. Amazingly you do sleep, in my case better than at home. Rat's when you go in for medical tests you want them to show what is wrong and to get your money's worth and this test is expensive. Actually sleeping better does show them what is wrong because one of the things they do is use a CPAP machine and if that helps you sleep better it indicates sleep apnea. They try different air pressures during the night to see what pressure works best. I'm guessing that since I slept better there was a change in pressure which means I'll have to take my machine down to have it recalibrated. Hopefully this will mean less sleeping time and more wide awake functioning time. This has been one of my biggest frustrations of late so maybe I'll have one more improvement in my life. Hooray!!!

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Protege said...

Very interesting. I am happy that you might be able to sleep better from now on. Sleep is very important.
Have a lovely weekend,