Monday, March 22, 2010

March goal- follow my bliss

Last months goals did not get done like I would have liked I didn't look up near enough of my friends blogs and websites.  I have not been posting in my blog like I would like; I keep getting distracted.  I decided that maybe I had to much structure in my goals for a while and my creative mind was rebelling so I decided to do more of following my bliss.  At first I thought that I was not getting near as much done but I came to realize I was actually getting as much done and more (in part because my health is improving).  I just was not getting the same things done.  Even though this is past the middle of the month for setting goals, they were in fact set at the beginning of the month just not blogged about, I have decided to put some structure back, more priorities.  I have missed doing my blog terribly and reading my friends blogs.  I need enough structure to make sure that there is enough structure so that the things that I have found recently and really love have a place in my life.
Let me tell you about some of the bliss that I have followed.  A couple of posts ago I was complaining about the Georgia winters and then discovering the wonderful intriquing shapes of the bare trees.  I started taking pictures of them and in looking at them I was reminded of Bonsai trees and started researching them.  Of course I need to be thrifty in going about this new hobby so i found out how to start my own trees from seeds and cuttings.  Of course this has to be done in the spring so I have been putting time into that so I wouldn't have to wait till next spring or struggle and not succeed because I was trying to do it in the wrong season.  See the photo above of cutting that is being rooted.
I've also been trying to capture some of trees and landscapes with lots of character because the trees are bare.  I put together this college of this old restored plantation house with it's trees with large pieces of bark missing from where the peacocks used to roast.
Of course being spring I've been working hard to get my gardens going.  This year almost everything I plant I will have started from seed (except the roses and azaelas) Most are already started and are ready to be planted or are planted or will be ready to be planted when they are supposed to be planted.  This is a first for me, both in growing from seed and having them ready on time, ironically this is due to my structured goals the last couple of months.  I have been frequenting the local garden centers, not to buy but to enjoy the flowers.
I was also asked to take picture at the birthday party for our women's society at church.  I took lots of pictures and edited 28 to make the collage.  I took the pictures on a Thursday and had the collage done the next Sunday.  Pretty impressive,huh?  
All in all this has bee a pretty enjoyable month so far, but I'm already starting to plan more goals but that is for another blog.


Twain12 said...

wonderful pictures....i especially love the trees.

愛吃 said...

very popular to u! ........................................

Protege said...

I can relate with your sentiments here very well. We all go through this kind of transition, when we feel not enough is being structured in our life and no results are seen.;)
But then again, maybe it is just a feeling and the reality is quite the opposite.
As always, your photography takes my breath away. Your attention to details and the composition are so appealing.;)

The Green Stone Woman said...

So it seems that you have been a lot busier than you thought. You've done a lot. I like the little tree that you started from s seed. What a novel idea. I must try that myself. I like your photographs and your collages are wonderful. You must have had a lot of fun making those.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

It's still much too early up here in the frozen north for bedding plants and gardening, so you're very lucky to live where you do!

jeannette said...

Like your idea about focusing on the trees! But dear friend, it sounds you're going in circles about having "structure"! don't make it so hard on yourself!! Just do what you can, and enjoy life:)