Monday, March 29, 2010

Double Cabins Plantation

Since I take picture of the woman's activities at church and turn them into collages I decided to practice making collages and then get some opinions from my friends at MSS.  I thought that this old restored plantation would make a good subject for such a collage.  So I had some pictures that I had taken at the stop sign nearby and did one up and asked for opinions.  Oh boy! did I get opinions most of which were negative.  Now that I have received the comments and worked with them I can see that it really was pretty bad. I worked really hard to improve my collages by following their advice and the above collages are the results. When I decided to try again and I went back three times to get the house from different angles as it sits pretty far back off the road.  The last time I went there I had my camera set up for telescopic picture taking complete with my tripod. I parked at the end of the driveway by the county easement but who should come down the drive but four of the adults that lived there.  I was pretty intimadated.  They just wanted to know what I was doing and they turned out to be very nice people.  In fact they turned out to be a good representative of southern hospitality.  They invited me up to the house and allowed me free run of the outside of the house and the gardens.  They have peacocks which they let out so I could photograph them.  Pretty nice, huh?  All in all I now have about 150 photo of the place.  They took the time to talk with me and give me some of the history of the plantation and their current business which is a Bed & Breakfast and they also host weddings and other special occasions.  We also talked a lot about photography and painting and other artistic endeavors both on my part and on theirs.  They were very interesting and delightful people and I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet them.  One of those magical serendipity moments that have come about because of my interest in photography and the new courage I have developed because of it.

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Protege said...

Stunning collages! As you know, I love collages too, therefore I appreciate looking at others artwork.
What a nice story as well,