Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl

Tonight was the Superbowl and like many people around America I was watching. Personally I was only watching for the commercials and the half- time show, most of the time I only watch for the commercials however this year they had The Who. It was a good thing because this year the commercials stunk.

This is how I remember The Who. It's a shame they're not still all together but at least the two best are still together. When CSI started using their music and they started to become well known again I had this album in the car and my kids friends commented on how awesome it was that I would let them play this CD in the car. My poor kids had to admit that it was my CD not theirs, which to their surprise upped the appreciation of their friends. When they saw the Iron Butterfly CD, WOW was I cool. I have very eclectic taste in music, because at the same time my kids and I also went to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra classic music concerts. I had season tickets.
Anyway back to The Who; when I first heard them on CSI I thought it was really quite ironic that a crime drama where the emphasis was on the good guys would have a theme song that was absolutely anti-police. Of course you have to listen to all the words to know that and the are not all played on CSI. Then when CSI: Miami came on another Who song this one a diffinately anti-government song I couldn't believe it. Of course once again you had to listen to all the words to know that and of course all the words were not played. Irony of Irony.
I was delighted to find out that The Who would be on the Super Bowl half-time. I bet they wished that their concert back in my day (see the CD cover) could have been as spectacular with all the new technology that we have today and that was used for their concert tonight.
Of course none of the pictures on my blog are mine. The CD cover and older picture was scanned off the CD. The Super Bowl pictures were off the Internet by the Associated Press.


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