Friday, February 19, 2010

Church in the woods

I found this church sitting back off the road after the leaves had fallen off the trees. Actually since I have taken up photography and have started to notice things more; I have seen a lot of buildings I didn't know were there especially since the leaves have fallen off the trees. This part of Georgia tends to be very wooded and it doesn't take long for an unoccupied building to return to a wooded state. Anyway it is not unusual for a building to be built in the woods and than be difficult to see. I liked the look of the steeple sticking up out of the trees and took the picture. I didn't particularly like the dull browns and the light colored sky of the original so I added some blue to it. Then I thought about stained glass windows; the colors kind of reminded me of stained glass plus it was a church so I decided to go with that theme. I did the photo with a small mosaic effect, then went to FastStone (freeware editing program I downloaded from for it's frame effects and picked out a larger mosaic effect in light blue and then I added a light blue border to match and signed it. I really liked the way the edit came out it's much prettier than the dull scene that it started out as. I am really grateful for software that can change and enhance the photos I take. You have to have a good basic photo to start with but very seldom will all the elements of a photo come together for that shot that you really like, mother nature does not always co-operate, so it is nice to have a back-up. Sometimes I just plain like the art edit better; it gives the picture an boost toward that WOW.

Websites from my friends at MSS:
This website is from Lolit. She choose a blogsite that is both unusual and creative. It is a photography site for people to use kind of like blogspot it gives you a template but this template is a collage and gives quite a different presentation. Her site is fun and delightful and well worth checking out. I love the collage approach.

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Protege said...

Beautiful! I love that you played around with the picture and the colurs. In fact I too this sometimes;)
The stained glass effect fits the image very well.
I recognize the sentiment of how you notice things more in detail when taking photographs. I experience the same.
Beautiful pictures on the sidebar, of the snow (flickr).
Have a lovely weekend,