Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super bowl 2

I have seen a lot of negative comment on The Who's performance at the Super Bowl. I really did enjoy it and was quite taken aback by the negative comments. This is why I liked it so much. First off it brought back memories not only of my teenage years but also my children's teenage years. There was no "wardrobe malfunction" or other crazy stunts like there has been in the past from other stars who have been given such an honor only to act out in some ridiculous manner. If you look at the CD cover and see the microphone throwout and Peter Townsend jumping. They pretty well did the same in this concert, of course the jumps where not quite as high but they were pretty good for an old guy. They are older than me and I certainly wish I had that kind of energy. Their voices have lost some of the quality that made them famous, but it happens to almost all professional singers after a lifetime of wear and tear. The one great that comes to mind was Frank Sinatra and nobody complained when he sang in his later years. I love live performances when those on stage are enjoying themselves and it shows. That was certainly the case Sunday. They genuinely seemed to be into the music; enjoying it and putting their hearts into performing the music (most of which Peter Townsend wrote). They also seemed to enjoy each others company. In spite of the time limits this was still the Super Bowl with it's spectacular visual effects and use of technologies. Sure you could pick the performance apart and concentrate on the imperfections of the situation or as I choose to do sit back and enjoy the good that there was.


Protege said...

Unfortunately we can not really watch the Super Bowl, even though they send it here on some of the sport channels, it would require me to be up half of Sunday night and Monday morning.;)
I like the Who, so I would have probably enjoyed it as well.;)

Anonymous said...