Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How does my garden grow ?

This is not my best post, sorry about that. I'm tired and my brain is defiantly in senior mode. The pictures are older from my point and shoot camera. However they do show the garden that my husband built for me so I could continue to garden even with all my health problems. It is wonderful to be able to garden again. You can see that I no longer have to bend down or get on my knees to garden. How wonderful is that! I can use my little tricks like the soda bottles as little greenhouses cuz I can see them and lift them if necessary without the deep knee bend exercise. Alright! The soda bottles in the front of this picture are covering the tomato seeds that became the tomato plants in the picture from my earlier post. As you can see the garden did take off and I enjoyed working in it. I am very camera shy and this is probably one one of the very few times you will ever see a picture of me. Even though it was taken a year ago I pretty much look the same except I'm 25lbs lighter and my hair is now down to my elbows. I guess that shows I am getting braver as there was a time when
these pics would NEVER have appeared.Today I got my catalog seed order in. A couple of weeks ago I hit up the local stores for the seeds that they had available (see earlier post) and then I ran out of money and had to wait till today to order the rest of my garden seeds, but now all my garden seeds are purchased. I ordered lots of salad and veggie varieties and am looking forward to getting those wonderful fresh salads and other assorted veggies from my garden that I can't get from the store or can't afford from the store. Yum. I also ordered some different flower seeds from usual so I can have unusual flowers to photograph. Some of them are heirloom varieties. I am really looking forward to that aspect of my garden, also. This all makes me feel like I'm making progress on my garden even if it is too cold outside to really work in my garden. The seeds I purchased a couple of weeks ago I already started and now the plants are ready or almost ready to be transplanted into larger pots so by the time these seeds arrive the seed trays will be empty and ready to start the new seeds, so I guess that worked out well.

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