Thursday, February 18, 2010

Flower power-Remember

I made up these collages to remind myself that spring and summer will come back again and once again Griffin will be filled with flowers. Thank goodness for Georgia is not nearly as pretty in the winter as it is at other times of the year. The trees are bare, the colors of the landscapes tend to be brown and dull and it tends to be rainy; a perfect setup for SAD. The exception to the not very pretty is the rare snowfall and then it is beautiful for a few days and one can enjoy it because everything else comes to a halt.
In the top collage I took pictures of flowers from my garden and also from the roadside. There are always some kind of flower in bloom from like March through December. The bottom collage are pictures of Treasure Flowers from my garden. I had this one blown up to poster size and framed and it now is up on my wall where I can easily see it and remember. It does help to lighten my mood.

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