Friday, February 12, 2010


When it snows here in Georgia the crazies begin. Even the threat of snow freaks people out down here. There is probably good reason for it though. We really don't get much snow here in fact we may go years with no snow or with just a flurry. Nobody has snow tire so everyone without 4wheel drive slides all over the road; if you add to that the lack of experience in driving in the snow and it is a recipe for disaster. Most people do not have proper clothing for the cold and wet, in fact it is hard to find warm clothing to buy here. When we were buying clothes for Emily to go to school out in Utah we had to order from catalogs or buy it there. For kids who are not dressed warmly standing out in the cold and wet; waiting for the bus is torture. I think you can get the idea of why Georgians freaks out. Just the possibility caused them to call off school today. By mid-afternoon businesses were sending their people home. We probably got about four inches which for down here is a lot. The first year we lived here, having moved from Utah where the kids went trick-or-treating in the snow, we had a snowfall where the grass was still sticking out from under the snow and they called off school. I laughed and laughed and the whole family thought it was nuts. We've lived here long enough now to understand.

Photo edits:
All photos had basic editing done in Picasa 3 (freeware downloaded from They were cropped, straighted if needed and the color balance set.
Photo 1: I finished editing this photo in picnik (free Internet editing software)
Photo 2: Went from Picasa to FastStone (freeware downloaded from I used the frame mask function and just experimented till I found one I liked. Then I went to picnic where I framed it using the Museum matte frame function, changing the color of the frame. I then signed it using the text function.
Photo 3: I used picnik to finish this photo. I went to the effect function and picked out the mode that edged it with white, I then put the border on it and signed it with the text function.
Photo 4: I used Photoscape (freeware downloaded from using the filter key I went to vignette setting to edge the photo then to the frame function to put the border on. The keys on the bottom of the frame function adjust the border. It was signed using the text feature on Picasa 3.
Photo 5: Signed using Picasa. Framed using the Frame function in PhotoScape, I used both an inner border lighter color and a regular border darker color.


jeannette stgermain said...

You are getting pretty good in editing!! The 3rd one could easily be a very romantic card selling in a store!
I know what you mean, when it gets under 50 degrees, people here start wearing boots, and a newcomer to California I laughed -that was 20 years ago -now I'm putting on my boots when it rains LOL.

Protege said...

Beautiful pictures! The weather is a bit crazy everywhere - we have arctic conditions here.
Stay warm,

young-ecletic-encounters said...

Thanks Jeannette for your delightful comments. I really appreciate all the comments you leave.
Johnina :^D