Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Migraine distraction

This edit with directions is brought to you by my migraine. I did the edit in an effort to distract myself from the pain. Got enough pain killers in me so it was tolerable but unfortunately I slept for the next day and a half. N ow I'm awake and the pain is back full force and once again I need a distraction so I'm putting down the directions. You however do not have to have a migraine to follow my directions.
Edit directions:
Picture #1 is the original I chose it because of the central figure and the bright distinct colors. But this might be a good time to use an out of focus or very blurred photo you were going to throw out.
Picture #2 I used the CPS (Corel Paint Shop Pro Ultimate-30 day free trial) curves program. I left the red, blue and green together. It looks like a graph with a diagonal line across it. Approximately 1/3 of the way across I pulled the line to the top of the graph and about 2/3 of the way I pull the line to the bottom of the graph. I adjust from there till I get the colors I like. Save the photo. For one it makes a nice pic all by itself but also because you are about to change programs. I did not like the tools on this program for smudging. Each program works a little different which is why I use so many.
Picture #3 Next I used Gimp (freeware I downloaded from I used the smudge tool set at large brush size; directions for use are across the bottom of the screen. I went across the screen at a 45* angle, covering well but not worrying about being perfect. Next I went over it horizontally than the opposite direction at a 45* angle then vertically. At this point I zoomed to 100% and taking the photo square by square and overlapping slightly I go horizontally over the whole picture this is where you work on making the whole picture smooth and work out any missed spots. Go back to 25% and check to make sure your overlaps are smooth. Save the Photo.
Picture #4 Go back to CPS go to effects, go to artist effects, go to bubbles and balls. Set bubble size to 75%. Set opacity to a low setting. Set bump map to stone. Set environment to electic. This is a fun place to play to get whatever effect you want. There are too many settings to list them all here most I left at default anyway. I then went to Picasa 3 (freeware downloaded from for text and signed it. I then went to picnic (free on the Internet, small charge for upgrade) for border. Save Photo

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