Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A beautiful day for planning a garden

A beautiful sunshiny day. I've been getting all kinds of seed and gardening catalogs in the mail and I've been having fun looking through them and planning for this years gardens. Last year we had really good gardens both flower and vegetable gardens. We've had a flower garden for years, but it had been a while since we have had a vegetable garden. Tom made me a raised garden last spring so I could have fresh veggies and herbs. He made it tall enough so I would not have to get down on the ground or stoop down. It worked great. So I am excited to do another garden this year. I've gotten my little pots to start my seeds and have seeds from last year and now I've got picked out what seeds I'd like to buy. I've included just a few of the pictures I took of my two gardens from last year. My Mom's day garden that my family plants for me every Mother's Day. I love this garden, I see my flower garden every time I come and it makes me feel loved. My veggie garden gives me satisfaction in growing and eating my own home grown food and herbs. It's wonderful.
What makes this a good day for planning a garden instead of preparing a garden is the fact that I have been very sick for almost a week, which is why I haven't posted for a while. I've been trying to make some lifestyle changes and got carried away and changes even good ones cause stress and I over-stressed myself. Since I have Addison's disease I don't make stress hormones and could not cope with my self imposed changes. I was getting sicker and weaker as the week went by and by last night I was fighting going into shock and had to call Tom home from work to give me a steroid shot, it saved me an ER trip. I am still feeling dragged out even with having gotten the shot. I am still learning to listen to my body and pacing myself accordingly. I'm trying again and continuing to learn. It's something that is hard to do and with chronic medical problems even harder. I have learned not to beat myself over it and to replan so next time maybe I'll be able to handle things better and not over-stress myself next time.

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