Friday, January 15, 2010

Free trial software

I had downloaded a free trial version of Corel Paint Shop Pro Ultimate just before Christmas. It's only a 30 day trial and I've been playing around with it. At first I had a real hard time getting it to work properly and than download to my computer the results. This really cut down on my time to see what kind of editing software it contained. I downloaded this particular program because it was in my price range and it had an HDR program. I spent a day going though the effects library with the same picture to see what this program would do. I have found that even if the effects are labeled the same or are supposed to be the same every program is indeed different. There is either a difference in ease of using or of how much fine tuning is available or sometimes the effect looks entirely different. Each program has it's own set of effects also. The idea of a free trial is a real good idea, now that I know how to use it better I really like it and would like to purchase it when I get the money.
Edit notes:
Photo 1-Depth of field-Text, signature
Photo 2-Geometric effects-Circle-Text, signature
Photo 3-Artistic effect-Colored foil-Border-Text, signature
Photo 4-Reflection-Kaleidoscope #4-Adjust Brightness and Contrast-Border-Text, signature
Photo 5-Adjusted curves-Border-Text, signature
Photo 6-Reflection-Kaleidoscope #10-Adjust Brightness and Contrast-Border-Text, signature
Photo 7-Artistic effect-Colored edges-Border-Text, signature
Photo 8-Crop-Border-Text, signature

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