Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January Goals

To start out the new year most people make these grandiose goals for the next year. I personally like to make monthly goal, smaller more manageable goal. I have found that if I have a general idea of what I want to accomplish for the year, for example improving my artistic talents; then the monthly goals become more specific such as I have been doing the last several months on my blog. Keeping it on a monthly basis also allows me to revise and redo without feeling guilty about messing up my goals for the year.
My two basic goals this year are to continue to develop my artistic talents and to develop healthier habits. With my artistic talents I am going back to my Dec. goals and revising them somewhat. With being sick and the hospital stay and visiting family; I did work on my goals somewhat but not enough. My priorities changed; with little energy from being sick I decided that I needed to make my family my first priority while they were here. I'm glad I did I love them all dearly and they certainly should be my first priority. However my energy level was way down so basically that's all I got done. I did do enough editing that when asked how I edited a picture I couldn't remember how I did it; so now I'm adding writing down as I go so I will remember. I've already learned from the sunrise picture above that even with knowing exactly how I edited a picture; each picture still needs to be edited in it's own way. I wanted the sunrise to look more like the waterway picture, but in following the same steps the sunrise looked horrible so I went back and revised and really like the new version so much better .My health goals for this month is to add lots more veggies to my diet. Last month I changed what I ate when I got up at night. I often get up and get the munchies and sometimes I get up in pain and have to eat with the pain killer pills and I was eating the wrong things and gaining weight. With a few simple changes at night and cutting back on the sodas and ice cream I've lost 10 pounds in the last 3 weeks and that was over the holidays. Pat on the back for me.

Photo edits:
Sunrise-Picasa 3- Crop, color temp set toward the red slightly, glow, signature
Photoscape- film effects, cross process, gradient border
Waterway- Picasa 3- Crop, Signature
Photoscape- Catoonize, cellophane, gradient border

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