Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Zentangle Everywhere

This another book I got for my birthday.  Didn't have to ask for it; it was on my Amazon wish list.  Yoga for your Brain is a fun little book with lots of zentangle designs in it.  I do my doodling and zentangle on envelopes instead of my sketchbook, so I can share them.  After I went through this book this is the first envelope I did.                   It was fun to do. Although it was not perfect it was still bright and cheerful to send.  I send out quite a few cards with my photos in them. While the person who received the cards may have enjoyed the photos I decided that doing art on the outside let more people enjoy the cards I sent out. Years ago I would do some art on my envelopes that I sent to the kids and grandkids, but had stopped as I put a lot of effort into the finished picture on the envelope so that I was not sending out as much mail. Now using envelopes instead of my sketchbook; I may not send out my most perfect more elaborate artwork but it is always bright and cheerful and fun for me to do.

This book also pointed out all the zentangle designs all around me.  It gave me a new perspective on some of the photos I was taking and using them in another art form.  Suddenly the close-ups of architectural details that I had been taking were giving me ideas to use in this new (to me) art form.  I think this really came home to me when I saw Kung Fu Panda 2 with the grandchildren.  This movie start out in Zentangle style,  but all through it is ideas in the background for zentangle designs
Look at the windows, columns, floors and ceilings and all kinds of other archetecual details for amazing designs.
I've also found some pretty amazing blogs and websites with zentagle and doodle designs in them.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

This could open up whole new horizons in your photography too! Good stuff.

Sonia said...

I've never heard of zentangle before but I'm intrigued!

Karen S. said...

I know exactly what you mean! Especially this movie, I saw it too, and they gave us the best glasses ever! Nice sturdy plastic, so very cool! I need to get back to making more cards, it seems our postal service needs more people using the mail too...I used to hand make every card, but it seems time has limited all that...and mostly I only make cards that go on the gifts...but I am going to check out your cool book here!