Thursday, September 1, 2011

Give away #2 Creative Awakenings

This is the book to be given away

I received this book for my birthday and it is wonderful.  Soooo I decided to share it with my friends,  for my second give away.  This last birthday was the big double nickel and with all the changes and challenges of late; I am feeling a little at a loss as to what direction to take my life.  When I was younger I wanted to go into psychology and become a therapist.  This developed into wanting to do art therapy with abused children.  I have always had a creative bent, but with raising six kids; time and money were at a premium so my dreams got put on hold.  It literally took years of birthdays and Christmas's to gather brushes, paints and canvases for my first paintings.  I did sew and quilt for my family which did give me a creative outlet, but the kids always came first.  I had plenty of plans for when I became an empty nester.  Unfortunately as an empty nester my health severely limits what I can do.  I'm learning not to put my dreams on hold anymore; especially after Emily has been so sick, I realized nobody is guaranteed a tomorrow to make their dreams come true.  My problem is what direction do I want to take my life.  I know it will involve blogging as I have come to love this form of self expression and the friendships I have gained.  I can't do everything that I want to do; my body just won't allow that any more, so this book is perfect for where I am right now. Hopefully to give some direction to my endeavors.   I have read Creative Awakenings                                                                                                                        pretty well all the way through and what it does is take you through the process of discovering yourself and your dreams through art and words.  Once a month you do a piece of art and everyday you look at it and contemplate what it is trying to tell you.  You can add to the art as the month goes by changing and considering.  I will be posting this once a month and would like anyone out there to join me in my new encounter with myself and maybe discover some things about yourself in the process.  All you need is this book, a 9x12 sketchbook (mine is one for Mixed Media) and art supplies of your choice.           I am able to offer this as I have become an Amazon Associate and this prize will be sent to the winner by Amazon.  I chose Amazon as an income choice for several reasons  1-I can choose just exactly what is advertised; only those things that I fully recommend as I have found what is advertised has brought help or pleasure into my life. 2-All it takes to help me out is to click on the advertised items or if you order from Amazon for other items you can help me out by going to the Amazon box in the top right of my blog and fill out your category or just hit GO and it takes you to Amazon.  I then get credit for your sales without it costing you anything but an extra mouse click to get to my site.  Please remember me anytime you order from Amazon as this is how I can get my art supplies, instructive books, give aways and other wishes.  3-Amazon has great prices, quite often cheaper than Wal-Mart, excellent service and an amazing selection of merchandise.  4-Amazon has a great wish list policy. Everyone can create a wish list, anyone can order for you as a gift and Amazon will ship it without giving your address to the sender.  Cool, huh. I have several wish lists on Amazon and that is how I received my book.  All these reasons are why I am using Amazon as my giveaway provider.

1-  Going through my website; click on the Amazon box on upper right, set up a wish list with Creative Awakenings on it, or if you choose to buy the book now and join me in starting to use it, just choose another item of the same price.
2- Leave a comment letting me know that you have a wish list and then preferably let me know what you like about my blog or how I can improve it.  You could also let me know by sending me an e-mail at  Any comment left after I have received a comment on your wish list; will count as an additional entry.
3- This time I am going to try a random number generator so I don't have to worry about making sure I have mixed the entries enough or any other worries about it being fair.
4- Deadline is September 15
Good luck

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