Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This is why I love Amazon.com

Going back to my post on what do we owe our pets you might remember my concern over the high cost of medical care for our pets.  This is a shampoo that will hopefully keep Rascal's skin infection under control.  The bottle on the right came from the vets and cost $50.  Since Rascal needs to be bathed with this shampoo twice a week, minimum, for the rest of his life, the cost could quickly add up for this one medicine alone.  I decided to look elsewhere to see if I could get it cheaper elsewhere.  I checked out 1-800PetMeds and did find it for $28 on sale plus shipping.  Better but still quite expensive and shipping was expensive, too.  I didn't think Amazon would have it but decided to try it anyway.  Wow they had it for $12 plus shipping, which turned out to be minimal.

It came from one of their independent dealers, which is why it had shipping charges.  I ordered on Saturday and received it yesterday (Monday).  Wow priority mail without extra charges.  Amazon does an excellent job of monitoring their independent dealers so they can be trusted.  As you can see from the pictures the medications are exactly the same except the one from the vet has a prescription label.  The expiration dates are even the same so I didn't get old stock the dealer was trying to get rid of.  Great prices, great service, and easy to use.  When you decide to use Amazon please go through my blog.  Use the tab on the upper right and you can just click on go and it will take you straight to Amazon.  They have a terrific associate program where I earn a percentage of the sales that go through my site and all it costs you is an extra mouse click to go to my blog first.  Save and


Janet said...

That's quite a savings! Good for you for checking other sources. Too often people just accept the price and don't bother to see if they can get it at a better price someplace else.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow! Major savings!

Serena said...

I hope it helps Rascal's skin. Our Jack Russell X suffered bad eczema a year ago and then I heard about a particular brand of an Australian goat's milk soap that was supposedly working wonders for people and animals with skin allergies/infections. We tried it on Jack and noticed immediate relief....his rash/eczema cleared up fully a couple of days. We've used this particular soap for him ever since with no signs of the rash/eczema coming back.

IF the DermaPet doesn't work for Rascal, I'd be happy to get you a sample bar of the Billie Goat soap to try. Just email me if you need more info.