Thursday, September 22, 2011

Low blood sugar brain fog

Personally I find waiting in doctor's offices to be the pits and a tremendous waste of time.  However I spend so much time waiting in their offices I have learned to come prepared.  I see 15 different doctors all of them specialists, all of which I see every six weeks to every three months, which adds up to a lot of time spent waiting.  I know what doctors have a long wait and those that have a good magazine selection.  I also know which doctors keep their magazines neat and rotated from the back exam rooms to the main waiting rooms.  This morning I had a doctors appointment with a doctor with a long wait time (he spends whatever time is necessary with each patient, so the wait is worth it).  I knew my appointment would be around lunch time, so the magazines would be in the exam rooms, so I came prepared with my Zentangle supplies.  Unfortunately because it was lunch time my blood sugar took a big dip to the low side.   This doctor is an endocrinologist and in the past he has taken the time to show me how low blood sugar effects brain function.  When he catches a patient with low blood sugar he has them do simple math problems.  I couldn't even do simple one digit addition.  Since the amount of insulin I give myself is determined by doing some quick math this could be a problem. 
I can't show you how bad my math skills are so I thought I would show you how low blood sugar effects brain function by showing you the Zentangle that I did today.  Some was done with low blood sugar and some with normal blood sugar.  I will probably never send this envelope out because of the number of mistakes.  There are designs where part is upside down, just random parts, and I had great difficulty keeping the  patterns  straight (see upper right).    All together I had a hard time just concentrating  and so it took much longer to do this envelope. 
I should learn that when I start making a lot of mistakes, losing things, or just plain get con fused easily; I need to check my blood sugar.  This zentagle was a good reminder.
Hope you Enjoy it anyway
I hope this makes sense; since I am still having trouble thinking.
PS You wouldn't believe how often I edited this post and then put off publishing it till the next day; due to brain fog. 


Zuzana said...

I hate going to the doctors.:( Despite the fact that both my parents were physicians. Earlier this year I went to many appointments in the hospital and just thinking about it today gives me the creeps.
I have no idea what a Zentangle is, but I think your creation is lovely.;)
Have a nice weekend,

Kristin Dudish said...

Hi Johnina,

I actually think your envelope is really cool - I think anyone would be really jazzed to receive such a fun envelope in the mail! I'm certainly not a zentangle expert, but I think it looks great!


p.s. I've been doing a lot of sitting in waiting rooms this summer too and I'm kind of sick of magazines - I think your zentangle looks like a wonderful way to pass the time :)

Geckostone said...

I think this came out wonderful! Never thought of doing Zentangles at the doctors office, what a great way to try to get over the heepy jeevies of being at the doctors ( I'm such a chicken of anything remotely md,lol!)Deb

bluecrayons said...

i hear ya on the dr's and the low blood sugars. when mine goes below 89 my lips tingle and my brain gets foggy, i get super sleepy and i cant say a complete sentence. sometimes my people catch my lows before i do just by the way i am talking.

good luck and i hope you get better. btw love the envie. wouldnt mind having it as a reminder.

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