Sunday, September 18, 2011

Got to walk the dog

I got my flu shot last Friday.  I know that since the shot does not contain the live virus that it is not supposed to cause any reaction or flu symptoms; it did with me.  every year when I get the shot; I get the symptoms.  They may be less then getting the actual flu, but they still make me feel cruddy.  Aches, chills, fever (100.6) and high blood sugar, (all signs of illness) but when you own a dog, no matter how you feel, the dog still needs to be walked.  Tom normally does this for me when I don't feel well, but he wasn't around, so we went for a walk. 
I decided since I was outside anyway I would bring my camera to catch the last of the summer color.  I have taught Rascal to hold still on command when we walk and that is what he is doing in the picture above.  Good dog! 
This is the space for my garden in the making.  This year we put up this hanging space for my tomatoes.  Put up hangers for my Nasturtiums and put a raised space underneath for my squash and cucumbers.  It is in the middle of this photo (click on picture to enlarge).  Eventually there will be other spaces with walkways and raised spaces, so I can garden in spite of my handicaps.  Little by little as we get the time, energy and money it will be added to.   Fortunately we live in the south where you can garden almost all year long.  Summer is actually the hardest time to garden here due to the heat, so more progress will be made now that the temperature has dropped.  Eventually there will be flowers, herbs, vegetables and a picnic table in this spot.
One last photo of the filterd sunshine in the woods across the street from me.  Rascal and I walk by it every day.
Hope you enjoyed my walk as much as I did.
Enjoy your day


Kalei's Best Friend said...

The only time I got the flu was from the flu shot.. My doctor told me that if a person is fairly healthy to NOT take the flu shot... I haven't since 1990 and have never GOTTEN the flu and I have worked in schools which we all know are notorious for kids carrying germs.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Lovely light through those beautiful green leaves!

Ann's Art said...

Looks like a lovely garden. Sorry to hear about the flu symptoms though, I hate getting flu which we did last year..seemed to last weeks!! yuk.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Thank goodness that the flu symptoms from the shot are short lived. fever is gone and am feeling better. I am one of those who needs the flu shot due to multiple medical conditions. I get it even if there is a shortage. Due to having Addison's, COPD, asthma,immune deficientcy and diabetes; I could literally die within just a couple hours of getting the flu and am likely to get it if I am exposed. So I put up with the inconvience of the shot.
Thanks for the comments and the concern
Johnina :D

Karen S. said...

So far so good, each time I've gotten a flu shot, and I got one a week ago too, although this one was a bit tender for a couple of days.....hopefully they keep on working!

Serena said...

It sounds like your garden will be an abundant supply of goodies....beautiful too!

Sweet dog ~ :)