Sunday, September 4, 2011

Look what I found in the produce section

I follow the blog and each week Carmi comes up with a theme for the week.  Anyone can participate simply by leaving a comment on his site with a link to a past or present post relating to the theme.  I have found many interesting sites by going to these sites to take a peek at their interpretation of the theme.  This weeks theme is SHOPPING.
So when I stopped by Wal-Mart; having forgotten that this was Labor day weekend and hence the race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway; I was surprised to see this car in the produce section.
We are just down the road from the Speedway and the races are a BIG deal here.  Lots of to do about the races; lots of people, lots of opportunities to meet the drivers and see the cars up-close.  This is an actual car that will be driven in the race.
There is also lots of hype and advertising.  Racing runs on advertising all you have to do is look at the cars and drivers to tell that.  Our local Wal-Mart joins in that advertising frenzy.  This is just a quick sample of the cars and photos I was able to take.  There will be more posted later today.



Karen S. said...

Oh my goodness! What a marvelous find! I have to shop at a place like that, who knew it could be so much fun! Love your photos, excellent TP and outstanding points of interest in each of your shots! Nicely done!

Max said...

What's that go for? $1.49 a pound? $3.23? Love those pictures, and what a great find!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow! That is one spectacular car! Hope it's not a lemon, if it's in the produce department. Bet it's a peach instead!