Sunday, September 4, 2011

Race cars at Wal-mart

Since we live so close to the Atlanta Motor Speedway; race car driving is a big deal here.  With the big race over the weekend our Wal-mart joined in the hoopla. These are the cars that were outside Wal-Mart.  These cars I can see how they got there and it was fun to see them, but they were not the shock of seeing the car in the produce section from yesterdays post.  This one is just what it says on the side 'Offical Pace Car" for the race.  The next two photos are cars that are in the race as was the car in the produce section.
 I was not the only one taking photos
 There were lots of security just watching out for these cars.  I would imagine they are worth lots and lots of money.  I'm also sure that since they also keep them in showroom shape and race ready so they don't want anyone messing with them.
Crowd control and enjoyment.  They had a car (the orange one) that you could get into and see what it would be like to sit in the drivers seat.  Vroom,Vroom.   The security people tended to be very nice and friendly.  I even had a discussion with them on what kind of camera they should get.
These cars were also more then they first appeared all kinds of safety equipment and computers and electronics
And of course there was all the inevitable hype and advertising to go with it, but it did serve to give the store kind of a festival feel to it.  Our Wal-Mart quite often has activities and fundraisers outside the store just like the car set-up.  They allow groups to set up tents to sell cookies or doughnuts and sometimes full scale Bar-b-ques for fundraisers.  For years our scout troop wrapped Christmas presents there and my boys were always able to pay for their summer camp from that one fundraiser. 
Hope your enjoyed my shopping trip
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Max said...

Aaaahhhh! Nice cars.

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