Monday, November 2, 2009

November goals

It has been raining here again and that means more mushrooms and it seems that every time it rains for a few days than stops for a few days we get a different kind of mushroom. I've never seen such a variety of mushrooms in all my life. I've said that before and still more and different kinds of mushrooms keep popping up. The newest ones are bright red and seem to match the bright red of the leaves right now. Since my goal and priority for October was to get this blog up and tweeked I have several groups of mushrooms from different rain times that have been sitting around waiting to be edited and organized. I have learned that the blog will always need some tweeking to keep it fresh and interesting but it won't be the drain on me that the start has been. I now know lots more tricks and tips and where to go. I really think I did well in accomplishing my goals for October; I posted 27 posts, and my blog sure looks a lot more professional. I'm also learning to toot my own horn and let people know about my blog. My niece JoAnn used to say " You've got to toot your own horn, or someone else will use it as a spittoon." Pretty smart considering she was in her teens when that was her favorite saying. That attitude got her a job as a disc jockey at a local radio station instead of flipping burgers as a teen. Pretty nice. Thus far I have received favorable comments from those who have visited my blog and this has done wonders for me personally. I have learned many things and not just how to take pictures and use a computer. I have grown in courage to try new things, not long ago I would not have had the courage to do this blog. I've overcome a lot of my shyness, I talk to complete strangers (in safe situations of course) and take pictures of them. I pull over to the side of the road to take picture and have even had the police stop and talk to me without getting flustered. The setting of my goals for the past couple of months has seen much in my personal growth, especially with sitting down and thinking through my thoughts and putting them into words for the world to read.

November has another set of priorities, I want to keep up this personal growth, but I need once again to bring back more balance in my life. I need to balance this blog, MyShutterSpace, and Facebook. They each play a different part in my life on the computer. I need to get out in the world more, as much as my health will allow. I've been asked to do a powerpoint presentation on the 14th with my photography for a special women's night out at church, considering I've never done a powerpoint presentation I've got more learning to do. I also need to do more to increase my health so I've decided since I've been doing so many deep knee bends taking pics of mushrooms I'm probably strong enough to go back to swimming at the gym. Something I love to do but have put off. Lots of things have gotten a little off balance and since I have so little strength and energy it doesn't take much to get off-balance. This month's priority is balance; something everyone must apply then reapply again as we go though our lives.

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Jason Sparks said...

YOU GOT IT! I teach and preach perspective photography to many people. My #1 Rule is "take the photo that no one sees." That can be so many things. But with you mushroom pics here I can see they are right up my alley. Get Low. Get Close. GO MACRO! It brings smaller things to lifesize with gusto. GREAT JOB!